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Week One – The Journey Begins

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As this week progresses, I find myself exhilarated, empowered, fearful, and anxious all at the same time! It really does have that “first week at a new school” feeling. I  believe this series will be of  benefit to my home life and my work but, at first, I had problems with some of the requirements. For example:

  • No TV at night? Are you kidding me?? (Many a mighty fight between my fiance and myself have started with my basic unalienable right to fall asleep with the TV on!
  • I struggled with the time implementation of the reading schedule and the thought of  writing my DMP straight out of the chute.
  • How was I to sit still after the lesson? Seriously?? Have you been to the 3 ring circus that has set up shop in my home?

How would I manage all of this in the middle of the current chaos that resides at my home? I felt very resistant.  After all, I am just too busy. I did not know how I would do it. My suspicious blueprint of old was certain that this must be a trick anyway. Surely it must be a waste of time with an eventual price tag! As if my mayhem has time for any such nonsense!

But I began to feel something as I continued to read the first scroll and the blueprint builder over and over….a feeling that this resistance was healthy and to fear it was akin to feeding a monster. I began to feel a need to tame my dragons. After all, this is my choice. I chose it! Who am I to tell myself I cannot do it if I wish to do so?!!

There were also too many signs to ignore. I have been tucking away the “Worlds Laziest Networker” blogs for almost a year. I would watch most but always saved the others for later  to read. (Of course only when my mayhem took a day off – which was never – so the folder titled “Worlds Lazy”  grew larger. LOL)

Bottom line is I need this! I will share more in my next blog so that you will truly understand where I am coming from. The last year of my life has included some excruciating events. At times, I barely had time to breath. I am grateful to the person who told me to finish my application after I thought time had run out. And here I am!

I am ready for peace and the journey.

Thank you!