Weeks..4 -5 -6 ……………….

Okay….so, if winners never quit- And… quitters never win….Then…if I fall into a fit of despair and don’t know why or how I got there…does that make me a winner or a quitter???…. I ask because I remain hope-filled that my mission, my purpose is more…..should I then forever be judged by my lack of judgment or forgiven for it?…Am I victor if I accept forgiveness or am I victim if given a second chance??…I compare myself not to anyone or anything as I know there is always someone who has done it better or worse….I only seek freedom of my expressions..both-GOOD AND BAD- and a deep seated notion that there is much much more….. and YEs…..I see the shapes as  I have learned…(thank you very much MKMMA)….everywhere!splashing-918863__180


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  1. you are a winner because you are here with the Master Key Alliance – together we are strong!

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  2. Your perception of Good or Bad is excellent. We are both victors and victims in our lives. I would put all my effort into being a victor. Great article.

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  3. lorencrazycraigtaylo

    As long as you don’t let that fit of despair permanently stop you, Paige, you are a winner. Regarding judgement, aren’t we in the process of detaching from that right now? It must be pretty darn good anyway. It got you here! Comparing two sides and making the proper choice = conscious competence. Not needing to do that anymore = unconscious competence. You’ve got this!

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