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Week 8 Finding My Path

Being a part of the MKMMA has helped me in ways that I have not expected. I am behind with the tangiible tools given to me to use but I hear the words and the lessons. My nervous tick of touching my French manicured nail tips are now done to the tune of “Do it Now” twenty times – LOL. I am sharing a You Tube video that spoke to me for my blog this week. I am very lucky to be a part of this group and I give a huge shout out to my tribe leader Loren. Thank you for lending your ear and support to me. 🙂



Weeks..4 -5 -6 ……………….

Okay….so, if winners never quit- And… quitters never win….Then…if I fall into a fit of despair and don’t know why or how I got there…does that make me a winner or a quitter???…. I ask because I remain hope-filled that my mission, my purpose is more…..should I then forever be judged by my lack of judgment or forgiven for it?…Am I victor if I accept forgiveness or am I victim if given a second chance??…I compare myself not to anyone or anything as I know there is always someone who has done it better or worse….I only seek freedom of my expressions..both-GOOD AND BAD- and a deep seated notion that there is much much more….. and YEs…..I see the shapes as  I have learned…(thank you very much MKMMA)….everywhere!splashing-918863__180