Week Three – Not a Charm for Me

IMG_7927 (2)Week three has not worked like a charm for me. I would love to say all is flowing and coming up roses but I would be fibbing. My events of late have made the commitments to the tangible and honor assignments difficult. I do complete the work, but not as well as I can. This I must change – I know. My focus has been on my Cesar. I am taking him to Auburn University next week and I pray that his healing is happening as I write this. I do believe the reading and “sits” are helping me handle this differently and I am grateful for that. I hope to have a long upbeat blog for week 4.

For now, I pray.


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  1. So sorry that Cesar isn’t well. It does interfere with how you handle life. I had dental surgery and couldn’t speak because my mouth was so sore. I could not read aloud for a few days. I love that humans can be flexible and can deal with life issues.

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  2. I hope Cesar is healing and all is well with you. https://hollygo.es

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  3. Praying Cesar is doing better, my Dear.

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    .A dog is a companion that we want for life, but, unfortunately (or fortunately – depending on how we look at it), it’s their life that is the determining factor. Too short – way too short. I sincerely hope you been able to weather the storm this week,Paige, and have decided to stay on board, as just like world explorers, we travel the seas together.


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